Friday, February 25, 2022

A Firebrand with a Message

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 A Wealthy Call for Action

I got my hands on an advance copy of this treasure today, Capitalism and The Social Contract

A simplified look at economics and race, racial disparity, over the course of American development. Beginning with America’s first declaration till it’s setting the corporate order of operation (the Constitution), America has been conning people.

It seems like a long con by the way the Streete tells it. We were supposedly a nation for all people but then over half, many, were systematically written out and over in the founding documents of America the Corporation. He offers a view of America the capitalist, a capitalist nation and its contractual obligation to its citizens – all its citizens. Whether they came here willingly or were already here, America has an obligation to its so called minority stakeholders. Shareholders in a promise first outlined at the beginning and in the beginning of its building documents. 

Life, Liberty, the pursuit of Happiness; a general well-being commonly defended and protected - insuring and ensuring domestic peace and that WE define as the perfect union. 

The book becomes available March 21st, but feel free to get your advance copy now at Amazon and other fine retailers of books.

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