Thursday, September 11, 2014

Birmingham Public Library: Book Review: Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a W...

Books may express a range of things. This book caught my attention this morning and I share with you the review that drew me to it's pages.

Do you prefer one-on-one talking to group activities? Do you prefer solitude over parties? Do you tend to avoid risk? Dislike conflict? Work better on your own? Feel wiped out after being around people all day? If so, you may be introverted. There’s a test in the book which can help you to be reasonably sure. Introverts make up at least 1/3 of all Americans, and may constitute much more. And yet American culture is an extroverted one, with extroversion often held up as an ideal.

Birmingham Public Library: Book Review: Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a W...: Garrison Keillor once did a humor piece called “Shy Rights: Why Not Pretty Soon?” If you think that’s funny, you’ll probably like this book.
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Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Audience is Listening

As a writer and speaker, if only in print, your words have value both to you and your audience. This doesn’t mean they’ll catch every word you throw. There may be some hiccups in understanding some things. Yet being heard in a traditional sense of publishing is no longer as huge a gain as gaining distribution and the ability to reach the reader personally, on a personal level. In fact there are various forums and platforms to distribute your work to the reader. Many authors search and identify these routes t be published. Yet few ever consider where is my audience listening ?

I don’t mean the brand names or traditional houses. Where does my reader hangout and find books to read? While grateful platforms like Createspace and Amazon, Blurb and Smashwords as well as LuLu exist, their having made writing and publishing easier and more profitable does nothing, for an author if you don’t know. How or where to market your book? Where is your audience listening?

This is an important step in the process of being heard and publishing printed works. You need to be in the place or places people are hearing what you have to say. Or to be heard you should be where they will most likely listen to you for a full sales minute.
Not simply to promote your book, but promote you as a serious addition to the discussion. They’re there listening you can join the conversation, becoming known, and build a loyal listening audience for the next book or series to come.

It may seem obvious, yet reality is. Writers write. Some may read. Some may edit. Most will critique endlessly. A few will buy books , as entertainment, or education in most cases. But to be heard, to be a successful writer publisher, the independent author needs to find the platform his/ her audience enjoys and maximize it. Stay tuned to your audience and they will stay tuned to your writings.

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Key to Being Heard

Distribution is the key to having a voice in as many places as possible. With that, I’d like to personally welcome Deeper Shopping to the journey of books. You find a link to these very fine people further down the page. I might add they are a fine venue for authors, especially Christian writers, to get their voice further out and be heard. They also share two qualities I think are necessary for any author to find success. One being location and the other being accessibility – as a southern (U.S.) writer. I think finding a local distributor is a unique find especially in publishing. I also believe being able to reach the distributor and being kept informed is absolutely necessary to being out there.
I've found both qualities in this site, and I believe both qualities to be great jewels in gaining sales for your work. Quite naturally when I heard of these folks as being open to featuring independent authors I had to give them a try. I must say I have not been disappointed.

To this end, I welcome them aboard the book journey - Deeper Shopping 

Thank you for all your help
R.L. Toney

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Building Your Own Advantage

Step by Step we take our place in this world.
Available @ Amazon, Barnes and Noble
 and Other fine Book shops

We make a space for others to believe,
We are well able to do it.

Every goal we put to mind
and every thought we dare to shine
with loud praise saying
Here I am
I can do what I believe
We are well able.

Accomplishing things
beyond our strength
we take our place
we make the space
I stand above the wasted hours

Who can stop what you put your mind to?

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Thursday, November 28, 2013

A One of a Kind Gift - Blurb

People love getting really creative, one-of-a-kind books for Christmas. Books that elicit a “where did you find this?” response. As the leading indie- and self-publishing platform, Blurb has an entire online bookstore full of unique books by an incredible array of undiscovered, self-published authors, artists, and photographers. And while these books probably aren't in your recipient’s bookshelf, many of them should be. 
So, if you’re thinking of giving unique gifts this year, consider these titles. Each costs around $40 USD or less:

Cookie Cravings by Maria Lichty and Heidi LarsenWe all have cookie cravings. Popular food blogger Maria Lichter decided to put them into something deliciously original: A baking book featuring 30 recipes you won’t find anywhere else.

Dog by My Side by Adam SchnitzerThis charming collection of original, vintage photos shows us that as long as there have been cameras, we’ve wanted to photograph our canine best friends. As a special bonus, there’s a glossary of the early photographic methods used in the original images. 

Around the World with a Toy Camera by Giorgio GiussaniPerfect for the photography or graffiti-art fan on your list. This book is an explosion of gritty color that explores the wonders of street art and analog photography. 

Food Stories by Elena ScottA short, wonderfully illustrated collection of recipes (and food stories) that will inspire you to pick up the knife and spatula—or just pen and paper. 

Things I Love by Carol Nehls and Jessica RoseIllustrated and written many years apart by a mother and daughter, this sweet rhyming story told by a fox is pure joy for all ages.

Patent Pending by Jordan NatyshenChicken goggles, air-conditioned rocking chairs, monkey jockeys for greyhounds… humankind has invented and sought to patent some amazing and crazy things. Illustrator Jordan Natyshen illustrates some of the strangest in this history of odd inventions. 

Tiny Horses are Everywhere by Thea LuxThe perfect stocking-stuffer for fans of off-beat humor, this undeniably nutty book is based on a Tumblr blog and combines simple photo collages of small horses in human environments with incredibly funny captions.

Rouleaux by Anastassia EliasWhat can you do with an empty roll of toilet paper? If you’re French artist Anastassia Elias, you create tiny dioramas inside of the discarded tubes. Inspired by art and movies, these pieces are beautifully crafted, fun, and unbelievably detailed. 

Low Fidelity by Bobby GrossmanIf you, or someone you love, listened to New York punk and new wave in the 70s, chances are your favorite artist can be found in this book. Bobby Grossman photographed Iggy Pop, David Byrne, The Ramones, Debbie Harry, Andy Warhol and many more. This book is a time capsule of—and a love letter to—a legendary time, place, and sound.

Take a second and head over to Blurb to see if you can end your search for that perfect gift this season! 
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Making an "About Me" Author Page

Many author’s pen there own biography page. Especially new and independent authors, the reason they give being, it’s more cost effective. However let me present why it’s probably not the best idea.

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Make an Emotional Connection to Your Readers

Emotions equate to sales:

The writing profession has had many lives. But today almost exclusively the fastest way to earn money as a writer is based on the ability to elicit an emotional response from readers. 

What some would equate to going viral. Your words can spread quickly and earnings rise quickly with a massive audience. This can even set the stage for future earnings. If, that is you’re able to make or paint an emotional connection for your reader.

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