Preparing to Hear your Voice in Print: The Four Essentials of Writing

Once you’ve committed to say I’m a writer, there are some things you have to be aware of. A few things you need to be comfortably acquainted with as you begin the process of publishing and print.

  • The first thing writers should remember is…

Success may be just around the corner, that doesn’t mean it’s not a ruff road to get there.

This is important not just for new writers but those aspiring to the writing profession. It’s not all that difficult today with the advent of “social media” to have your voice shared, but to have your voice heard is a different and indeed a more treacherous process. Because now you have to beat the noise of everybody beating their own drum trying to be heard.

But never fear with some preparation you too can be heard. Essential Ways of Hearing you Voice in Print

  • The second thing you have to know as a writer is…

It’s crucial you decide on a voice and stick to it, i.e. refine it.

This is essential beause vanity will get you nowhere but the recycle bin, perhaps maybe, the dollar store. Where you could well sell a million copies, but not see one ounce of profit from it. Which may not be your goal initially, most "true artist" even proclaim such, but in the end you are trying to make a living, and have your voice heard. And not many people give weight to the scrap pile.
  • The third thing of writing importance is

Network, net works and groups of networkers.
This will ease the learning curve of being published in today’s media environment. But caution, unless they’re writers or publishers, family and friends should not be involved at this point. This is an essential key to the process. And, a place where vanity can easily cause you to make a mistake. Because family and friends as well intentioned as they are, aren’t necessarily going to criticize your work or look at it with the refining eye fellow writers and especially publishers would.
They simply, in most cases, aren’t able to help you build trustworthy characters or reference points to your stories. This is something that requires a professional touch. Someone, preferably a group of someones, to help you build and refine your written word. Learn How you can Create and Distribute your Publiation

  • The fourth essential of a writer is to develope your audience…

Marketing and Market share –family belongs here.

Perhaps family and friends can’t help boost your writing ability. But they are an absolutely essential step and part of marketing you. They should be considered and thoroughly used as part of your marketing plan. Especially if you decide a small press is for you.

Your family and friends, your traditional social circle can advertise you like no one else can because they know you. You don’t have to have a big media campaign if you allow the benefit of social marketing to naturally sell your written work. And who better to perform this than the people who know you and can attest to your work, your words.

Once they’re refined by the professionals (your words) that is. Social media and social circles add incredible credibility to your work for the casual reader who may just be coming to your publication. Your friends and family are the introduction you need to sell them on hearing your voice. And then they can decide how well they are satisfied to carry your message on to other potential readers. Putting your network to work...

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