Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Let's Start Fresh

Fresh Words with a New Imagination Harboring Seeds of Creativity

Our opening thought of the New Year is… Celebrate the celebrity of being!

That’s kind of the word for 2023 and the theme of the publishing industry as a whole. Celebrate who you are and work toward being better.

Strange as it may seem, I think that’s the eternal composition of we. Work on being better. And as a thought (especially on publishing) we need to work on telling better stories, with better editing – all in all producing better works. It seems that’s the new word of 2023. Better!

So celebrate the celebrity of being better!

As we close the door on one year and open the door to another, let’s begin with less compromise and more investment in the promise. I mean the promise of printing, publishing; sharing the great works that are within us. Delivering them with solid expertise and worthwhile, read that, worthy content for the public dollar.

It seems or at least I’ve noticed. It’s a race to copy rather than improve. Especially in the low content market. It’s a race to put out rather than put out good.  And that has filtered over to the medium and high content category in that no one wants to write but everyone wants to be published. I’m not berating Fiverr workers (I myself have labored in that particular marketplace). But the amount of low quality products people are buying and distributing is sabotaging the industry. But that bad news, we’re celebrating the new year – new ideas.

New concepts and creations as a result of a partnership with Life in Print and other publishing partners.

We’re changing things up a bit and solidifying our ability to help you develop as writers, producers; publishers of content with a thought of bettering ourselves and the people who receive our offerings. 

A Book journey is focusing on the consumer aspect of publishing and marketing. The people aspect of publishing and distributing with a goal of putting out and helping others to put out better material that actually betters the world. Whether fiction or nonfiction; high or low content books. 

A Book Journey is changing and we begin today, celebrating the change.

Have a blessed and Happy New Year!

We look forward to helping you be and become.

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