Thursday, March 7, 2013

Today is The Birth

People might assume it would. 
But Life Doesn’t End if you go to prison. 
When they put you in a box, throw you on a shelf and label you troubled for life. 
It’s actually a beginning. 
If Martin Luther King can have a dream (behind bars) and spark a change in history. 
Then with freedom  I can declare the Birth of a destiny.
You are invited to watch and witness a  vision like no other. 
With each publication we grow and expand.   
There maybe a sacrifice to feed the few; but that will seed the harvest to shower the many with His favor.
 Today it begins (the CN Life vision).

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I speak with the voice my father gave me. Tempted at times to overly express my mind, instead I choose to write. To share with the world my views on Life, Liberty, and compassionate Justice... Not blinded by the illusion one voice will silence the crowd, I contend One voice can... and will ultimately Change The World

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