Monday, July 8, 2013

Building on the Success of You (part 1)

To truly be successful in writing, producing, cooking, whatever field you choose to employ, there will come a choice you have to make. A decision you alone will have to consider. There will come a point where you have to decide do I (you) believe and will I (you) invest in me (you). Or will I (you) abandon the dream and surrender my (your) possibility of ever coming into the dream?

Do you believe you, that is I, have what it takes and are you willing to pursue it regardless of any adverse circumstances. It may seem fraught with difficulties but yes I’m willing to try to get to it (success).

Do you know that only you can believe in you and advance your voice; better than anyone you could ever employ. Only you know the truth of your capability; that is if you believe in you

Conversely if you don’t believe in you, it’s likely you’ll convince others not to believe in you as well. And you’ll almost certainly falter as badly as you imagine you would due to this truth.

If you don’t think you can do it

YOU can’t

And most likely will never try to again.

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