Saturday, September 21, 2013


A Poem centered and inspired by the words Surge et egredere
Scriptural Note: John 14:31 (NIV) ...“Come now; let us leave.

Broken and scarred
Alone it seems, if only for a moment
Rest has entered but a name has been called

Worried and wearied
Hurt and confused
Infused with purpose
You hear a last breath
Yet I pause to

Gathering up what little strength
Easing out the old fate
I heard a voice
I know my name

I am not dead.
I am not dying
I am
I will

Not to new
But true life waits
Afraid before
I laid me down
And then I heard the sound - the voice say

Get up!
Get thee up!
Wake yourself!
Arouse the troops!
Trouble is near
I fear having soon to surrender
But my fiber - Dares you

I am not broken
I am not scarred
I am not gone beyond despair,
Beautifully marred
I know the sound
What I must do…

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