Thursday, September 5, 2013

Writing to Be Heard

There is a voice in everyone that yearns to be heard. Whether expressed creatively, or informatively, the words that seed our thoughts look for an outlet beyond simply speaking. We want to be heard to be understood. In essence we seek to set ourselves apart as a resource. Available and reliable as a tool to assist others, therein providing a valuable service to them as well as a lucrative benefit to us - the working writer.

The question is how do you do this?
How do you share your voice, and ensure its likelihood of being heard?

Firstly, you could write powerful material. It seems simple to say, but the reality is content is king. If you want to be heard, you need to have something to say. Most importantly it has to be something that needs (yearns) to be heard; or will compel an audience to listen.

If your words aren’t compelling they could easily fall flat, or worse not gain the audience you seek.

Secondly, you need to write credible material. Having something to say is great. But if the voice speaking isn’t reliable, read that credible, it’s likely to go unheard. Not because your audience isn’t listening. They simple don’t believe in the qualifications the words possess. This can happen because the author’s choice of words, or the perceptional background of the writer. Which leads into point three…

You are your credibility.

 Style and technique have primary importance for a writer. They are the source of the words you choose and the literal picture they paint for your audience. However your backstory, your character is important to the credibility of your discerning audience. For instance a grammar (English) major is no more credible a source for a book on cooking techniques, than a chef is for a book on writing principles. The foundations don’t match. To an audience, your audience, unless they’re the same person – the credibility’s don’t match. It’s the equivalent of trusting a mechanic for financial advice. Who would do that?

In all likelihood nobody. So as a writer you need to make sure your biography matches the content you intend to produce.

Failing this, I would contend if you desire to be heard. Or more accurately seen as an important or emerging writer; you should learn a few important techniques to building an organic audience.

This is important because of the competition for audience intention. One thing that may be encountered even utilizing these techniques is the market voice of selections available daily. Because the availability of  books and the book market, the writing market, has been made more accessible with the  move to electronic publishing, it is important to learn some special techniques to assist you in having your voice heard.

This can be accomplished by Reading our Guide to developing your book.

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