Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Make an Emotional Connection to Your Readers

Emotions equate to sales:

The writing profession has had many lives. But today almost exclusively the fastest way to earn money as a writer is based on the ability to elicit an emotional response from readers. 

What some would equate to going viral. Your words can spread quickly and earnings rise quickly with a massive audience. This can even set the stage for future earnings. If, that is you’re able to make or paint an emotional connection for your reader.

This is so, because earning money writing is increasingly all about content. Publishers pay for content, because content sells fast. Sex sells. Scandal sells. Emotions sell.

If the reader can make an emotional connection with your work, you could get paid handsomely. This is why many authors are turning to content marketing, niche building, copywriting, and online article mills. While others are turning to blog building to reach their audience.

Creating a blog for instance, offers a chance for a direct connection to an audience. This makes the selling, publishing, producing process more efficient in line with getting paid quickly and exponentially.
Exponentially, because creating a blog for example, you’re not sharing revenue with printers or publishing companies. But be careful, you also can limit the growth ability of your audience.
This is where the emotional connection is made most important.

Once your reader has an emotional connection to your work, you’ll likely gain a loyal subscriber, benefactor – purchaser of your materials. That is as long as they remain interested in you and your voice remains interesting to them.
It’s akin to growing your family where everyone connected is concerned for your well-being.

You get paid.
Your words sell.

They get to enjoy great material carrying your name.

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