Thursday, November 28, 2013

Making an "About Me" Author Page

Many author’s pen there own biography page. Especially new and independent authors, the reason they give being, it’s more cost effective. However let me present why it’s probably not the best idea.

The author’s note or about me is the most biased self serving piece of writing anyone can do. It absolutely shouldn't be written by the author, because usually it’s created to serve as a marketing tool rather an accurate depiction of what the author really is (vocally) or who He/She is personally.

What it amounts to is a social fluff piece meant to serve an interest but not giving the readers a chance to make an emotional connection with the author.

It’s not so much that they can’t be convincing. Actually they can be written as such. It’s because as information access becomes easier, you can quickly gain and lose your audience if your credibility comes into question.

For some writers this may not be all that important. However for a career writer (article writing) it’s more important to be authentic and dependable with words. Better this than to create a character who no one can trust because it’s discovered to be based on untruths. Because ultimately, if that don’t trust what you've written – you lessen the likelihood you’ll get paid a career earning (living) wage in the long-term.

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