Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Audience is Listening

As a writer and speaker, if only in print, your words have value both to you and your audience. This doesn’t mean they’ll catch every word you throw. There may be some hiccups in understanding some things. Yet being heard in a traditional sense of publishing is no longer as huge a gain as gaining distribution and the ability to reach the reader personally, on a personal level. In fact there are various forums and platforms to distribute your work to the reader. Many authors search and identify these routes t be published. Yet few ever consider where is my audience listening ?

I don’t mean the brand names or traditional houses. Where does my reader hangout and find books to read? While grateful platforms like Createspace and Amazon, Blurb and Smashwords as well as LuLu exist, their having made writing and publishing easier and more profitable does nothing, for an author if you don’t know. How or where to market your book? Where is your audience listening?

This is an important step in the process of being heard and publishing printed works. You need to be in the place or places people are hearing what you have to say. Or to be heard you should be where they will most likely listen to you for a full sales minute.
Not simply to promote your book, but promote you as a serious addition to the discussion. They’re there listening you can join the conversation, becoming known, and build a loyal listening audience for the next book or series to come.

It may seem obvious, yet reality is. Writers write. Some may read. Some may edit. Most will critique endlessly. A few will buy books , as entertainment, or education in most cases. But to be heard, to be a successful writer publisher, the independent author needs to find the platform his/ her audience enjoys and maximize it. Stay tuned to your audience and they will stay tuned to your writings.

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