Sunday, August 23, 2015

Trip From the Land of Obscurity

Notable milestones may seem few and far in between for young authors. Whether we're talking your first novel or a simple blog post as is the case here, writing is an action which requires action - being an author necessarily does not. To be fair I enjoy being an author, however writing at times seems so tedious when it doesn’t bear an immediate fruit to view.

I mean an author or someone had to write the material being published, but once it's written it can be embraced or discarded on the simple whims of readers (publishers, agents, book buyers). A career as a writer or author can seem filled with discouraging news and yet on this journey I for one refuse to accept…

Today, to this point, I celebrate - continuity!

I revel in the willingness to continue through stagnation and indifference, through turmoil and upheaval... My fellow authors, writers and publishers who have tried with mixed results yet they continue to. I salute you!

I support your stick-to-itiveness of pursuing a passion and working to develop it into the world changing harvest you know it is. The garden your faith believes and expresses in every written word or syllable, Today I celebrate you!

In fact, in this long journey we’ve shared, I embrace you.

Thank you for walking with me and way to go ladies and gentlemen we are almost there.

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