Saturday, August 24, 2013

Reflections: Lose the Mask

They won’t say it but I will
I might never be Maya Angelou.
But who’s to say I desire to be
Aspiring to be me
I - born a man
To die a man
The in between –
Some freaky type ish once in a while
But never
No caged birds singing.

Because I don’t need  - no
I can’t cause that hurt
Wouldn't even want to think
It’s some devastating ish in the world
And I
Given a voice to read and write
Am me

Not into Humbert I'll
rather have my wine aged and mature.

Not so much Langston Hughes
Or poetry savant
but less a chance of penance to society.

I mean
I'll pay my dues
If they pay their tithes
In the end a whole lotta people gone be shocked they lied to theyself.
but not me.
I ain't tryin to pretend.

Make you believe what I believe
But not really trying to be
Something I know you're not
At least not by choice.

I know you didn’t choose
You can't
and I can't choose for you
I’m responsible for me
Saying what I feel
What I know is the truth.

What applies to me and maybe you
At least I hope so when you came here
You were looking for me
without the mask

If not
I got what I came for

What’s left I leave to you.

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